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We offer an extensive range of packaging products

Welcome to the world of Plastilon Packaging, wholesale supplier of comprehensive,
diversified packaging solutions for all sectors, markets and purposes.

Our packaging products range from commercial and industrial packaging and packaging equipment to day-to-day necessities including gift-wrapping and party supplies, plastic ware, kitchenware, gardening and do-it-yourself (DIY) and stationery.

What do we do exactly

Plastilon Packaging is a leading wholesale packaging supplier in South Africa since 1973.
Over the past four decades we have established a local and international supply chain
that enables us to provide our clients with the best packaging products at affordable
prices. Proud to our reputation, Plastilon delivers continuity in supply of any particular
product and product line.

Products we do not have in stock, we will endeavour to procure within 48 hours.
•What you cannot get here, is probably not worth having!•

Why Plastilon?

• Your leading one-stop shop for a full range
   of packaging-related products.
• Professional staff, expert advice and 40
   years• service excellence.
• Free deliveries in Pretoria, Johannesburg
   and surrounding areas depending on value
   of purchase.

Plastilon Packaging is a BEE compliant enterprise.


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